January 16, 2014

5 Traits of our IB Java elite club.

Five determining factors that we use to determine the top 5% of IB Java developers.

1. A history of Job Stability: Even as a contractor, it’s important to see a consistent employment history. Mind the gaps!

2. Solid references from past managers.

3. Investment banking domain Knowledge. Having an in depth understanding of the business that your application supports is what separates the elite from the “head down coder”

3. Good Communication skills. We need to know what your saying.

4. Good Reputation: People like to work with you. With Agile methodology creeping its way through each bank, managers need to know that you will get along well in a team environment.

5 A good programmer: Most important we like clean, confident, well spoken, analytical developers, that can deliver an excellent product.

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